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According to legend, long before Dolly the cloned sheep, a group of 19th century Welsh sheep farmers attempted to breed a flock which would produce an increased number of fleeces throughout the year and thus increase their profits. Finally, one of them succeeded.

Mysteriously, within hours of shearing the entire fleece dissolved into a sweet sticky substance before dissolving harmlessly back into the environment. The experiment was deemed a failure and all the flock was thought to have been be slaughtered and the farmer went back to more traditional sheep production.

Recently a small flock of what appear to be the direct decedents of the unique sheep have been discovered living in a remote valley. Their fragile fleece has proved to be edible and can be preserved in a special secret process to produce what its makers call CANDY FLEECE®.

Due to the uniqueness and rarity of this flock their location and identifying features cannot be revealed to protect the sheep from over exploitation.

Of course it’s just a story but CANDY FLEECE® is very real and benefits from the fact that no sheep are harmed in the production of the fleece being made from a blend of spun natural sugars having only natural colour and flavouring is also vegetarian friendly and enjoyed by thousands across Wales and beyond

CANDY FLEECE® was however created and developed in a former water mill hidden away in a valley in rural heart of Wales inspired by the sheep that surround the property.
It's texture is seemingly as natural as the real fleece closely resembling the feel and look of soft and snugly Merino wool but the real magic happens in the taste test. Like no other fleece you can eat CANDY FLEECE® sweet to the taste and melting on contact with the tongue a pure indulgence of sight, touch and taste.

Some may compare CANDY FLEECE® to traditional candy floss which is understandable but it’s a little more than that award winning and with a story of this special Welsh flock of sheep. Market research found it is thought of as an adult version by not being as sweet as traditional of candy floss but most children would quickly disagree as they enjoy it as well.
Seg-3This special fleece is being offered at various food events in around Wales or indeed freshly spun right in some cases so that people can get up close taste and buy CANDY FLEECE® and take it away.

Now locals and visitors to Wales can enjoy and taste softer side of Welsh foods produced from an enterprise based in the very heart of rural Wales.

Benporium can offer freshly made award winning Candy Fleece® exclusively at your wedding, party or event, festival across Wales and Welsh borders from its traditional spoked wheeled cart.

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CANDY FLEECE® is a registered trademark and is exclusive to Beporium.

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